KFC and Mother launch campaign with everything that could go wrong with cooking turkey this Christmas

KFC has added another to its list of amazing ad campaigns with its latest animated set of Christmas spots which wishes people luck with cooking their turkeys on 25 December. It comes as a step up from last year’s chicken vs turkey western film inspired drama that came with the “Turkey comes and goes, but chicken’s here to stay” tagline.

This year, the fast-food brand and Mother London have launched five 10-second ads that are set to run on TV, social and OOH platforms. From not taking enough time to defrost your frozen turkey, to trying to fit it into your oven or carving it, the ads are a visual depiction of everyone’s turkey nightmares during Christmas.

“Burnt, overdone, chewy, dry… we have all got a turkey horror story. And they are usually enough to keep any family’s designated chef up all Christmas Eve,” said Kate Wall, Head of Advertising and Retail at KFC UK and Ireland.

“This year we wanted our Christmas campaign to take an irreverent, cheeky look at the ritual that has become ‘Christmas Turkey’. Wishing everyone good luck with the turkey on 25th December. ‘Cos until then we’ve got you.”

Good luck on the 25th!

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