Johnnie Walker Joins Wilmer Valderrama at the Border

johnnie walker wilmer valderrama

Johnnie Walker partners with Wilmer Valderrama to add heritage stories carved on the Mexico border to its Keep Walking America push.

Johnnie Walker recently partnered with actor, director, and activist, Wilmer Valderrama, to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border to showcase the stories of Americans raised in close proximity to the border and the impact of cross-cultural influences on their personal progress.

The collaboration was struck in conjunction with the brand’s new campaign titled Keep Walking America. While on the border, the artiste got up close and personal with the people and places that define the iconic town. He walked the fence-line of the border along the Rio Grande.

Along the trail, he witnessed the daily ebb and flow of people crossing the International Bridge, and spoke with several hometown heroes. Valderrama also met Bianca Marroquín, a Brownsville native and the first Mexican-American actress to have a starring role on Broadway.

Brother Rick and Mark Del Castillo from the band, who have worked with the star on previous projects, had the chance to catch up with him over a glass of Johnnie Walker. They exchanged familiar stories of how their heritage and cultural upbringing came to define their music.

Adrián González, an aspiring actor now living in Los Angeles, showed him the beautiful Rio Grande—the border between the United States and Mexico. González, who attended school in Brownsville but lived in Matamoros, detailed what it was like growing up in both cultures.

“We want to actively live out our purpose within society rather than simply stating it. Our experience in Brownsville brings to life powerful messages of cultural progress and diversity that should be championed and celebrated,” said Stephanie Jacoby, VP of Johnnie Walker North America.

Johnnie Walker was a winner at the 2015-2016 World Branding Awards under the Alcoholic Spirits – Whisky (Global) category.