HMRC launches tax credit ad

HMRC has launched a new campaign this month encouraging people to renew their tax credits before 31 July.

The latest advert features babies, lending a ‘cute’ and playful stance on the campaign. 

Although it is a serious matter as more than 2 million people could be missing out if they fail to renew their tax credits, a benefit they could lose for good. Tax credits are available to working families to help support them financially, depending on how much you earn and what your situation is. 

Poli Stuart-Lacey, Director of Communications for HMRC is keen to step away from the traditional, serious face of the ‘tax’ man, and give HMRC a more relatable image.

Stuart Lacey commented: “The new Tax Credits campaign is all about giving customers a helpful and memorable reminder to renew before the 31 July.

“I’m excited about our new creative – I think it will work really well across a range of channels, and I believe it speaks to the insight we gleaned from customers who asked us to just give them something memorable – so we gave them unforgettably cute.”