Grey celebrates 100 years and 5000 employees

New ‘Brain Portrait’ Logo Represents Creative Perspectives and Solutions in Creating Effective Work

The agency that invented “Leave the Driving to Us” for Greyhound, created the E*TRADE baby, and more recently the Pantene “DadDos” is celebrating 100 years. Rising from a one room, one man operation to Global Agency of the Year, Grey is kicking off this monumental achievement with a global summit and the reveal of a new visual identity for 2017.

Recently, 200 agency leaders from around the world came together at the Whitney Museum to begin a week long series of activities that look at the legacy of Grey and discuss the future of advertising. At the dinner, Jim Heekin, Chairman and CEO, and Michael Houston, Global President revealed a new commemorative logo to celebrate this legacy, a remarkable combination of design and technology that celebrates the colourful minds of its 5,000 employees by scanning their brainwaves and turning them into art.

“As Grey turns 100, we want to celebrate our individual and collective creativity, the power of diverse minds colliding to create new and beautiful things,” said Michael Houston, President, Grey Global. “Our new logo represents the power of our diverse and colourful minds and the people whose ideas have made Grey into a leader in creativity.”

The logo was created using a 3D printed bio sensing, brainwave monitoring headset. The headsets read electrical activity as employees worked on real briefs and a custom algorithm then generated colourful images of these brainwaves that Grey termed “Brain Portraits.”

Each portrait was unique, but many of them were combined to create the new centennial logo, integrating global employees readings into the final product which represents the diversity of thought that fuels their creativity. The headsets were shipped to Grey’s offices around the world, including Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, and the UK.

The centennial celebration kick off will also include the debut of a book on the history of the agency’s first century, a global leadership summit with speaker Martine Rothblatt, a gala dinner at Madison Square Park hosted by actress and singer Jane Krakowski, and future facing announcements.