He will take over the role from Neil Hunt

Greg Peters most recently has led international development efforts from the Netflix office in Tokyo since 2015. In his nine years at Netflix, Peters has held positions overseeing product engineering and business development and in his role leading Netflix Japan, marketing and content licensing and creation.

“When I first met Greg nine years ago, I knew he was an especially gifted engineer and entrepreneur,” said Hunt, who for the last eighteen years has led the product team which designs, builds, and delivers the Netflix experience. “I’m delighted to be leaving the Netflix product organisation in such great shape and in such good hands.”

“Neil has been an amazing leader who uniquely brings together analytical rigour, deep engineering chops, human warmth and a wry sense of humour,” said Peters. “I’ve been lucky to have him as my mentor.”

“Greg and Neil have collaborated through the years to make the Netflix experience all over the world absolutely incredible,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix Co-Founder and CEO. “I look forward to having Greg take on this role and to celebrate with Neil our 100 millionth member.”

Prior to joining Netflix, Peters was senior vice president of consumer electronics products at Macrovision Solutions and previously held positions at Mediabolic Inc., Red Hat Network and Wine.com. He holds a degree in physics and astronomy from Yale University.

Separately, Netflix also announced that Chief Talent Officer Tawni Cranz, who joined the company in 2007, would leave the company and pursue other interests.

“Over the last decade, Tawni has played a formative role in developing our business culture as well as developing an amazing talent team,” said Hastings. “We deeply appreciate her contributions.”

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