Government launches ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign

Get Ready for Brexit

The UK government has launched an advertising campaign named ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ to help the population get the facts they need in relation to the move, scheduled to take place on 31st October 2019. 

The website launched yesterday is designed to inform people of anything they may need to do to prepare for Brexit. The campaign is reportedly costing the UK government somewhere in the region of £100 million. Everyone is encouraged to check the website, whether they run a business, study abroad, plan to travel or even plan to travel with a pet.

The Telegraph posted this comment from Michael Gove,  the cabinet minister in charge of no-deal planning: “Leaving the EU, like moving house, takes work, application, investment and an adjustment to new circumstances to get right.

“But the reason we move house is to embrace new opportunities, live the life we choose and have more control over our future.

“The British people voted three years ago to make the move out of the EU and into the world. It’s time now to deliver.”