Galaxy repositions brand


Galaxy have launched a new ad with an aim to reposition their brand from one of elite luxury to realistic contemporary.

Gone are the Galaxy ads of days gone by, of women eating chocolate seductively whilst lounging on sofas. 

The latest ad named ‘You can do it all’ is aimed at contemporary women, women who have a career, have a family and who want time for themselves. 

The idea behind the latest campaign is to reach a younger audience and to be more relevant to the new generation. 

Sarah Mellor, Galaxy’s brand director, commented: “A big challenge on these brands is to keep them relevant for the younger generation and that’s what we really want to do on Galaxy, we want it to look fresh contemporary and modern.”

Joshua Hughes
Joshua Hughes
Advertising Editor. I love adland, having worked in the industry for the past decade. In addition to advertising, I love my movies.

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