G-SHOCK welcomes mountain runner, Joseph Gray to the team

G-SHOCK features Joesph Gray in the latest product release

G-SHOCK, watch brand, recently released its first-ever heart rate monitor watch, the GBDH1000-1A7. A first of its kind for the brand, the GBD-H1000 combines standard G-SHOCK technology with key functions to support workouts. To coincide with the launch of the new timepiece, G-SHOCK has officially welcomed elite mountain runner, Joseph Gray to team G-SHOCK.

As the only African American member of the US Mountain Running Team at any level, Gray boasts countless accolades and is an 18-Time USA National Champion as well as the first-ever national champion at the 30k trail distance. Gray embodies the supreme tenacity and toughness the G-SHOCK brand is conventionally known for and is an exciting addition to team G-SHOCK, as the brand places an additional focus on health and fitness.

Gray had this to say about the partnership: “I am elated to be the latest member of team G-SHOCK. The brand has always been a favourite of mine on and off the trail and it feels right at home for me.”

To commemorate the partnership, the brand has released a new video featuring Gray putting the GBD-H1000 to the test whilst training for an upcoming 10K mountain race. Gray showcases the watch’s ability to create a training plan unique to him, as well as the model’s built-in GPS, target heart rate display, Vo2 Max sensor, and long battery life that help him stay on track and become an even more competitive runner.