Durex tackles rise in STIs

In its latest campaign Unforgettable Nights, Durex will focus on the rise in STIs across the world. 

Premiering in Spain, where research shows that 25% of adolescents will have contracted an STI before leaving school, the advert encourages young people to use a condom, creating good memories, not bad ones.

The four-film campaign was created by Havas London and features young people, all enjoying nights out that end up with sex, but also an STI. The strap line at the end of each ad says, ‘You decide. Use a condom’.

Creative Director for Havas London Lynsey Atkin commented, “STIs aren’t a pleasant topic, but they’re an important one in the age of invincibility. Rather than dramatise a generic warning that young people tend to tune out, we wanted to tell first-person stories from a place of relatable hindsight. The blur and flashbacks of a great night out eventually cut back to present day; where it’s more about regret than reminiscing. Because nothing feels much worse than remembering how it could have all gone differently – no matter how old you are.”