Downy Wrinkle Guard product launch from Woven keeps college football’s most famous khakis wrinkle-free

In a new Downy campaign promoting Downy Wrinkle Guard, Coach Jim Harbaugh has hired a special assistant coach whose only job is to keep his pants wrinkle-free.

Coach Harbaugh drinks whole milk with steak, he once gifted the Pope a football helmet and he is obsessed with khakis; college football coach Jim Harbaugh is one of the biggest personalities in sports.

As usual, Harbaugh is looking for any advantage he can get – even when it comes to his signature khakis.

Based on the insight that looking put-together and wrinkle-free makes others perceive you as more competent, the campaign pokes at the pressure of public perception Harbaugh faces every day.

The work from Procter & Gamble’s multi-agency shop Woven, (with teams from Grey, Marina Maher Communications and Woven’s in-house media team) puts the brand‘s new Wrinkle Guard to the test on football’s most energetic legs. Watching Harbaugh’s stressed out wrinkle-assistant meticulously monitor Harbaugh’s pants is the ultimate odd couple pairing.

The “hiring” of Harbaugh’s awkward wrinkle-assistant, whose name is Josh Smooth,  was revealed in a leaked cell phone video several sports outlets reported on last week. The buzz it generated culminated with the launch spot airing on Fox.

More humorous TV spots are slated to roll out during all of Fox’s football broadcasts, including Thursday Night Football, College Football Saturday and Fox NFL Sunday in the US. They will be supported with a blitz of social video and real-time response social.

“We cannot say for sure how Harbaugh’s season will go, but we do know one thing – those khakis will look flawless, thanks to Downy Wrinkle Guard,” said Nate Lawton, Brand Director at P&G.

“As for the hapless wrinkle assistant, time will tell. It is a long season.”

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