Dodge Debuts ‘Domestic. Not Domesticated.’ Tagline

The new tagline by Dodge and SRT is to be integrated into all communications across multiple platforms and consumer touch points.

America’s Dodge and performance brand, SRT, have unveiled a fresh tagline to capture the passion, attitude, and spirit of the marque: Domestic. Not Domesticated. The launch is to be integrated into all communications for multiple platforms and consumer touch points.

The strategy is being extended across television, print, digital, web, social, and experiential marketing components. Created in partnership with Texas based GSD&M, the brand’s new agency of record, the tagline first appeared in an ESPN the Magazine ad in July for its 2016 Body Issue.

The carmaker has not had an overall brand slogan in many years. Individual campaigns for specific vehicles had their own. The inaugural television spot with the new tagline, Warning, debuted on Comedy Central Roast, featuring 30- and 60-second versions whilst maintaining a humourous edge.

Created by ARGONAUT, a deadpan announcer delivers quirky disclaimers which drivers need to know about. As headlights flash behind a red warning sign, the announcer explains: “Dodge is a powerful vehicle that affects the chemicals in the brain, which may give you the feeling of immortality.”

He goes on to say that the vehicle is highly addictive and that one test drive may lead to irreversible changes in one’s life. He also teases that driving one might just impair a driver’s ability to obey the rules and respect social conventions. The tagline was also integrated in a Challenger SRT Hellcat video.

Domestic. Not Domesticated. embodies what Dodge stands for. Our cars show off some very American traits—big, fast, powerful, and fun to drive—all while being a completely valid choice as a safe and reliable family vehicle,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer at FCA – Global.