Dickies workwear collaborates with real artists and craftspeople to launch the integrated campaign

Dickies, a performance workwear brand, has launched Yours To Make, a new campaign celebrating those who love what they do and take pride in their work. There are no actors featured in the commercials, only artists, creators and makers doing what they love. The hero spot features the television debut of Channel Tres, a DJ/music producer from Compton, California. Channel Tres also re-mixes a classic 1940s-era jazz tune for the soundtracks of the broadcast spots.

Dickies has enjoyed a resurgence thanks to the rise of workwear in global fashion. The brand has been spotted on fashion icons across the globe including on red carpets of the Met Gala and the recent Billboard Music Awards. But, for nearly a century, the iconic workwear brand has supported the workers around the world.

Denny Brice, Global Brand President at Dickies, said in a statement that Yours to Make is all about showcasing the pride and the dignity of workers and makers. The brand wants to show everyone that they are seen as themselves – producers and contributors. The campaign is meant to stand behind them like the brand always has. Dickies has found a massive following of new workers who take joy in bringing their ideas to life and seek their own paths instead of a traditional nine to five career.

Dickies partnered with global creative company, Sid Lee, to develop the campaign.

“Few brands in the world have a century of credibility like Dickies,” says Driscoll Reid, Executive Creative Director at Sid Lee LA. “Yours To Make is about encouraging a new generation of makers to forge their own paths.”

Sid Lee brought in actual makers instead of casting actors for the commercials. Featured talent in the campaign include Channel Tres, music producer; Samantha Huston, leather and saddle maker; Yaniv Evan, mechanic and custom bike builder; Bob Libo, welder; Jules Muck, artist and muralist; and Ronnie Sandoval, professional skateboarder and member of the Dickies Skateboarding team.

The spots open with the classic jazz tune, “Taint What You Do” by Sy Oliver & James Young as performed by Gregg Leonard. Channel Tres’s remixed version then mixes into the soundtrack.

The multi-platform marketing campaign includes national television, radio, digital, social and custom content that personifies makers and ignites global conversation.

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