DDB Elevates People with #PrideInTalent Movement

The DDB social media campaign supports LGBT Pride Month, underscoring the agency’s belief in nourishing a diverse talent base.

To create awareness and impact around industry diversity and inclusion, DDB Worldwide, under Omnicom Group, has launched Pride in Talent, a social media campaign in support of LGBT Pride Month intended to underscore the agency’s overall belief in nourishing a diverse talent base.

The push builds on an earlier initiative, Talent Has No Gender, which debuted on International Women’s Day in support of gender equality at the form and across the advertising arena. The move kicks off with a film highlighting the importance of encouraging people to bring their true selves to work.

The film provides a rallying cry for overall acceptance. Later in the month, the programme will encourage DDB employees from around the globe to take a selfie, upload it to the Pride in Talent app, customise it with their talent, and share it on social channels with the hashtag #PrideInTalent.

To elevate events throughout the United States, the exercise is expected to reach beyond the network as well as encourage people to use the app to celebrate and share the pride in their own talent via the avenues of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

The agency also recently launched the Unconscious Bias platform, with a public commitment to train approximately 2,000 North America associates by the end of 2016. This foundational pillar for the strategy will be offered to employees as an in-person opportunity supported by e-learning tools to help mitigate bias and raise awareness.

“Our very diversity of views, outlooks, cultures, and lifestyles is the key to our most insightful thinking and work. With that in mind, we are so proud to celebrate our multi-faceted associates during LGBT Pride Month, and every month,” said Wendy Clark, President and CEO of North America at DDB Worldwide.