Coca-Cola and the Magic Taste

Coca-Cola have launched a new advert celebrating the Magic Taste of Coca-Cola. 

The advert features a giant tongue, tasting Coca-Cola and evoking great memories of the great taste. 

The marketing Director for Western Europe at Coca-Cola, Walter Susini, says, “Coca-Cola has the unique ability to evoke positive feelings and emotions associated with special memories and this campaign celebrates that. The creative dramatizes the magic of the Coca-Cola taste both figuratively with the animated tongue and emotionally through the memories associated with taking that first sip of an ice-cold Coca-Cola on a summer’s day. 

“We wanted to bring these moments to life and show that not only is Coca-Cola a delicious and refreshing drink, but that it also has the unique ability to bring back positive memories and associations of living your best life”.