Burger King Pokes Some Fun with KFG Swipe

Burger King has debuted its new Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a campaign led by its brand mascot, the King of Flame-Grilling or KFG.

Burger King today released a commercial featuring its King of Flame-Grilling to announce the addition of its new Grilled Chicken Sandwich to the menu. Designed to poke fun at one of its key competitors, the video references KFG as the mascot who outranks the Colonel.

As part of the premiere, guests can expect to find limited-edition KFG sandwich wrappers at select restaurants in Kentucky, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Joining the mix as a permanent selection, the fresh variant boasts spices, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard.

“We have been flame-grilling since our first restaurant opening in 1954. With over 60 years of expertise under our belt, we wanted to show we reign supreme. We are not just the king of flame-grilled Whoppers,” said Chris Finazzo, President, North America of Burger King.

Featuring a chicken fillet packed into a toasted bun, the offering is available at participating stores across the United States. The white-meat burger can be purchased either on its own or as a three-piece combo accompanied by a small drink and small fries as a meal choice.