Bud Light Revives Spuds MacKenzie for the Super Bowl

Bud Light has released a second spot from its Famous among Friends push, which stars its advertising icon, Spuds MacKenzie.

Bud Light, the official beer of the NFL, is set to debut a 90-second Super Bowl commercial as part of the brand’s new campaign, Famous Among Friends. The exercise works to introduce the alcohol giant’s beloved 1980s pop culture icon, Spuds MacKenzie.

Titled Ghost Spuds, the spot sees him return to visit an unsuspecting man. Spuds helps him realise that sharing said beverage with friends goes beyond just drinking beers. Created by Wieden + Kennedy New York, the ad coincides with the 30th anniversary of the canine star’s first appearance in Bud Light’s Super Bowl XXI spot.

The beloved Bull Terrier’s first Super Bowl appearance was in 1987, when he won over the hearts and minds of drinkers everywhere and cemented his status as a pop culture staple. His affinity for living life to the fullest embodies the spirit of Bud Light still honoured today.

Although his former persona will be shed, the mascot’s message of lasting friendships is one that aims to resonate across generations and integrate with the marque’s broader brand campaign. He is coming back to spread the message of friendship, and will return to the after-life following the big game.

The second spot from the recently launched campaign, Ghost Spuds is voiced by Carl Weathers, who is known for his roles in Rocky, Happy Gilmore, and more. The first spot, Between Friends, aired during the AFC and NFC Championship games.

“We have been present at memorable moments among friends for decades. There’s no one better than Spuds to remind everyone that we don’t just make beer. We enable moments that build and strengthen friendships,” said Alex Lambrecht, Vice President of Bud Light.