Bombay Sapphire shows viewers that the perfect gin and tonic goes far beyond being a cocktail – it is an experience for the senses

Bombay Sapphire Gin announces the debut of its first campaign film dedicated to the Bombay & Tonic cocktail. Titled “Senses Stirred”, the film was brought to life by renowned director Alan Masferrer and shows viewers that the perfect gin and tonic goes far beyond being a cocktail – it is an experience for the senses.

Throughout the narrative, all five senses (sight, sound, taste, scent and touch) are awakened, manifesting the bright, fresh, botanical flavour profile of the heralded, vapour-infused London Dry Gin from the famous Gin brand combined with the precise balance of premium tonic water.

From the clink of the ice cubes swirling in a prismatic dance, to the botanical garden enveloped in vapour at sunset, and buoyant balloons rising to burst with botanicals, each element of Bombay Sapphire and its iconic serve, the Bombay & Tonic, is represented metaphorically through a collage of visually arresting, larger-than-life artistic installations.

Comprised of 30, 15 and 6-second films, the new campaign marks the brand’s first collaboration with Masferrar, a director known for his award-winning music video and commercial work, with past campaigns including BMW and Moncler.

Recognised as the ultimate canvas for cocktail creativity that inspires bartenders and drinkers to experiment with flavour and versatility, Bombay Sapphire gin has drawn on Masferrar’s renowned visual language to give life to the signature Bombay & Tonic drink.

This highlights an untapped opportunity to drive interest in the long-storied cocktail, especially as the popularity of gin continues to rise in the US, with the IWSR predicting that the premium-plus gin segment will continue to grow by double-digits through 2023.

“The goal of our first major brand campaign in North America is to awaken the senses and illustrate the superior taste experience when our signature Bombay & Tonic serve is consumed, thanks to our delicate vapour-infusion process and unique combination of 10 all-natural, sustainably sourced botanicals,” says Natasha Curtin, Global Vice President for Bombay Sapphire.

“We want to make ‘Bombay & Tonic’ a household name for the gin and tonic drinking moment, whenever effortless refreshment is called for. Through Alan Masferrar’s talented eye and cinematic qualities we were able to create a truly unique spot in the spirits space – one that spotlights the elevated, balanced and refreshing nature of the BOMBAY & Tonic.”

As Director Alan Masferrar explains, “I have a particular affinity for the Bombay & Tonic as it was the drink my parents met over, so I was definitely excited to collaborate with Bombay Sapphire on this campaign to illustrate this story of the ultimate sensory drink experience through our metaphorical installations of the bubbles, vapour mist, sparkling ice cube, citrus and botanical ingredients.”

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