Unilever owned Ben & Jerry’s under fire

Advertising Standards Agency

Unilever, who owns, Ben & Jerry’s have come under fire from the Advertising Standards Agency for advertising too close to schools.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) states that adverts should not promote products high in salt, fat and sugar (HFSS) in close proximity to schools. Unilever has said that the ads were placed mistakenly near schools and have since removed them.

The adverts were for ‘Moophoria light’, a slightly lower calorie ice-cream but is still classified under HFSS products. The complaint came from the Children’s Food Campaign (Sustain). The two posters were placed within 100 metres of two schools and the poster site owner Build, said it hadn’t intended to advertise to children.

However the ASA urged the company to remove the posters. Unilever has said that they will ensure additional guidelines are provided to their media buying agency to avoid this happening again in the future.