Ben & Jerry’s Scoops Up Fresh Empower Mint Flavour

In conjunction with the Empower Mint debut, an advertising campaign by Ben & Jerry’s titled Democracy is In Your Hands has rolled out.

Global ice cream giant, Ben & Jerry’s, has unveiled its latest offering—a flavour the company has dubbed The Empower Mint. In conjunction with the debut, an advertising campaign has rolled out and will run for a year. Titled Democracy is In Your Hands, the push aims to champion a wider objective.

The new release brings the campaign to life in freezer cases across the country. Its profile features a peppermint dessert married with fudge brownies and swirls. The product is available at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops nationwide as well as at retail locations in pints as a limited batch flavour.

Meanwhile, the effort is focused on getting fans to take a stand which represents the needs of Americans. The campaign will engage hundreds of thousands of citizens around an evolving set of calls to action including re-authorisation and voter registration.