Asda have teamed up with Downton Abbey in their latest campaign, kicking off with a TV ad featuring the formidable Mrs Patmore, in charge in the kitchen. 

The ad shows that the supermarket, known for low prices over quality, has everything you could want, even for a royal feast. The 30 second ad then moves into present day with the voice-over saying, “With thousands of rollbacks, you don’t need to pay a king’s ransom.”

Eilidh Macaskill, vice president of creative and media at Asda, says, “Downton Abbey is world-renowned for its wonderful kitchen, stunning feasts and a head cook who only accepts the best.

“Mrs Patmore knows that every great meal starts with great ingredients. At Asda, we aim to provide customers with delicious, low-cost meal ideas that don’t compromise on quality and are simple enough to fit around even the busiest of schedules.”

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