Adidas brings the Creators Club to the UK

Adidas will be launching their Creators Club in the UK following it’s huge success in the US.

The Creators Club system allows consumers to rise up through a number of tiers, essentially rewarding customers for their engagement.

The Adidas website invites fans to: “Join now to get inside and unlock the best of Adidas. It’s easy. It’s free. It’s time to create.”

As soon as you join you are awarded points and then with each Adidas purchase and review written, points can be collected.  As you rise through the ranks limited edition items and early access to new products will also be available.

With several million members already in the US, the Creators Club is allowing Adidas to not only learn more about their customers, but also create a buzz and get their fans talking.

Roy Gardener, Adidas’ vice-president of brand activation Europe, said: “After a brilliant reaction from our consumers in the US we’re excited to bring the Creators Club to the UK. Not only will the programme reward consumers for how they engage with us but it will also allow us to continually refine our offering and react to what they want to see from us. It’s a personalised connection to the best of sport and style with creativity at its heart.”