Ad Council arm will advise foundations, nonprofits and companies on ways to inspire and engage the public around social change

The Ad Council, a leading non-profit US organisation dedicated to driving social change, announced today a new arm: Ad Council Edge. A strategic consultancy, it builds on the organisation’s rich history of developing compelling and cutting-edge purpose-driven marketing campaigns to advise companies and nonprofit organisations on ways to inspire and engage the public on today’s most pressing issues.

“We are taking what we do best and sharing our many decades of experience with partners who are equally invested in making the world a better place,” said Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council.

“As the organisation’s consultancy arm, the consultancy is uniquely positioned to leverage our seasoned approach to designing social issue strategies to drive measurable impact. This new arm of our organisation further opens the doors for future innovations and collaborations around social good, ultimately benefiting all Ad Council stakeholders.”

Working with nonprofits, foundations and corporations, the consultancy will concentrate on four major areas of service: research, strategy development, convenings and trainings.

The consultancy will focus efforts during the formative stages of strategy development for clients by helping to design new social issue approaches, seize opportunities for greater public participation and break down the challenges preventing individuals to act. These strategies are built from research-based insights, as well as consultative sessions with the experienced team of executives and strategists from the Ad Council.

Current consultancy projects include building marketing strategies for issues such as voting and civic engagement with a number of respected foundations and nonprofits.

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