Imagine a world where passion fuels innovation. Not just the typical creative spark but a full-blown love story that blossoms into a breakthrough packaging design. This isn’t a fairy tale – it’s the story behind the captivating new design for Uzbekistan’s beloved Cheers chips.

Let’s peek behind the curtain and witness the creative love affair that birthed this packaging marvel, designed by BRAIN TANK. The team told the whole process on

Cheers Chips
Image Source Brain Tank

The Love Story Behind Cheers Chips’ Design

An opportunity arose when the brand team behind Uzbekistan’s beloved Cheers Chips approached the agency. They sought a creative packaging design for their new Nachos product.

This sparked a playful idea within the agency: could “falling in love” serve as a metaphor for the exciting possibilities when two delicious snacks from different cultures collide?

Here was Cheers, a staple in Uzbekistan, paired with Nachos, embodying vibrant Mexican heritage. This unique pairing promised a flavour explosion; the packaging design needed to reflect that.

Chip Packaging Design as A Result of Creative Love Fantasy

What is love? Well, remember. It’s that “you look at him/her, your heart skips a beat, then races with tremendous force” feeling where you want to be with him/her and give them the whole world. Right? 🙂

“One day, Cheers met the triangular girl Nachos, who came from Mexico to visit her friend. He was immediately captivated by her style and confidence. A glance was enough to understand that they were meant to be together. Cheers offered her a corn cob, and she responded with a smile: “I love corn!”.

“They walked around the city and talked. She told him about her country, traditions; confessed that she was very popular in Mexico and around the world; showed photos in various outfits. He told her about Uzbekistan, about his work and competitors, showed her his logos, fonts, patterns, stamps, and food zones on packaging, and even boasted a bit about sales figures.”

Cheers Chips
Image Source Brain Tank

“Stay, Nachos! Can you imagine what it will be like if we unite? With your permission, I’ll take on your shape and a few of your ingredients, we’ll dress it all up nicely and live together in a new product… on Uzbekistan’s shelves!”

“You know, I fell in love with Uzbekistan, and with you. I agree. But there are a few nuances…I want a new dress, new packaging! And my name on it!”

Creativity Sparks a Multitude of Design Options

The Cheers Nachos project wasn’t just a romantic notion; it involved a rigorous design process. The team channelled their creative energy into developing various design concepts for the new product’s packaging. These concepts explored different ideas, featuring “natural food zones” and diverse colour schemes.

Testing and Refinement: Unveiling the Winning Design

Through careful tests, they identified the design concept that resonated most strongly with consumers. This winning concept wasn’t a stroke of pure inspiration but the culmination of meticulous research and analysis at the project’s outset.

Image Source: Brain Tank
Image Source Brain Tank

The Art of Packaging Design: Building a Visual Architecture

Beyond the romantic metaphor, effective packaging design is an intricate art form. It begins with a deep understanding of the product and target audience. The designers meticulously consider every element – logos, fonts, stamps, food zones, and colour palettes (often tailored to specific food categories) – all meticulously placed to build a visually appealing and informative architecture. 

The packaging was designed to reflect this fusion and the anticipation of such a flavourful experience, capturing the essence of both cultures and their culinary traditions. Every detail plays a crucial role in the success of the final design, and for Cheers Nachos, this included highlighting the product’s delicious corn chip base and healthy fibre content.

Image Source: Brain Tank

Cheers Chips: The Delicious Power of Design

The story of Cheers Nachos’ packaging design exemplifies the vibrant world of creativity, where seemingly disparate ideas can spark innovation. It shows that “falling in love” isn’t just a human emotion; it can describe the passionate dance between cultures and flavours in food. This project underscores the importance of creative storytelling in packaging design, highlighting how a simple snack product can evoke deeper cultural connections and excitement through thoughtful and innovative design.

Bridging cultures, this project combines Uzbekistan’s rich flavours with Mexico’s vibrant spirit in the new Cheers Nachos. This tasty mix is a perfect example of successful collaboration across cultures, proving that unexpected combinations can lead to unique new food experiences. Moreover, the design not only entices consumers but also stands as a symbol of cultural exchange, reminding us that sometimes the most innovative ideas are born from the most unexpected connections.

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